Issue Link Metrics

11 November 2019 — Written by pcu

Ever wanted to check how many blocking bugs you have? How many Epics with Security Reviews? how many stories without Security Risks?

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Definition of Done - Major update

25 August 2019 — Written by pcu

A major update for Definition of Done for Jira. We have re-written Definition of Done to take advantage of Atlassian new UI features and allow your users to show which criteria within a definition of done are complete.

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Definition of Done - Launch

20 May 2016 — Written by pcu

Our first product is an add-on to JIRA Cloud with the key goal of keeping your Definition of Done visible to your Agile team

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Cutting into....?

16 May 2016 — Written by pcu

It''s like disruption...........just a bit more polite

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